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  1. Norton Center for the Arts

    Brandee Younger poses against a dark background next to her harp

    Brandee Younger

    Brandee Younger is a visionary harpist redefining the boundaries of her instrument for the digital age. With over a decade of relentless dedication to her instrument, Younger made history in 2022 as...

    Performing Arts
  2. Norton Center for the Arts

    Three acrobats posed in different variations of handstands on stage.

    Cirque Us Stories

    Flip through the pages of Cirque Us’ favorite stories throughout their company history and experience a touching, thrilling narrative about community and identity. Interweaving a collection of...

    Performing Arts
  3. Norton Center for the Arts

    Luedji Luna (a woman with short, black curly hair) in a dark red and black dress in front of a gray background.

    Luedji Luna

    Award-winning singer-songwriter Luedji Luna has become one of the most powerful voices in contemporary Brazilian music. Considered a Brazilian music sensation, she stands out in the music scene by...

    Performing Arts
  4. Norton Center for the Arts

    A woman with long, black hair sitting in a high back chair holding a crystal ball. A man in a grey suit is standing behind the chair. The background is primarily trees and branches, but is partially covered by the fog behind the man.

    Haunted Objects Live

    Spine-tingling true tales from the case files of Greg & Dana Newkirk. Join the Newkirks, known from The Haunted Objects Podcast, Amazon Prime’s Hellier and Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits, for a...

    Performing Arts
  5. Norton Center for the Arts

    A balck and white image of three men. The left-most man has a mullet and sunglasses, the middlemost man has a long beard, hat and sunglasses, and the rightmost man has a mid-length beard, sunglasses, and is playing the guitar.

    ZZ Top

    “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas” has been at it for well over a half-century, delivering rock, blues and boogie on the road and in the studio to millions of devoted fans. With iconography as...

    Performing Arts
  6. Norton Center for the Arts

    Two men in grey suits in front of a black background with a golden halo and light radiating from the center position of the image. Both men are holding microphones, and the photo is taken while they are singing.

    The Righteous Brothers

    Prepare for a soul-stirring, nostalgic concert experience at the Lovin’ Feelin’ Farewell Tour of the legendary Righteous Brothers. Rock-and-Roll Hall of Famer Bill Medley joins forces with one of the...

    Performing Arts
  7. Norton Center for the Arts

    A black and white image of two men playing guitar. The man on the right is wearing a cowboy hat and is leaning over to the man on the left and speaking.

    Allman Betts Family Revival

    It’s been nine years since Devon Allman put together a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco to celebrate the life of his father, Gregg Allman. What started as one night of the Devon Allman Project...

    Performing Arts